What Kim’s Clients Say


It’s seeing the houses and hearing from clients that best tell what an outstanding and unusual builder Kim Schademan is:

Suncadia Exterior 2Kim ended up building two houses for Jim and Barb Becker —
the first in Bellevue and a second home in Suncadia. Jim talked about their experience.

“The first thing about Kim is the quality is fabulous. What Kim brings is an excellent design sense that helped us enormously with all of the details he oversaw. His experience and advice also saved us a ton of money—that’s why he’s done two houses for us. Kim’s ethics are top notch. He was always totally transparent about all costs—there were never any last minute surprises. I trust him completely.”

Kamal & Chandana HathiAnother recent project was a home for Microsoft executive
Kamal Hathi and his wife Chandana.

“When we were getting ready to look for a builder we were nervous because we’d heard so many horror stories.  We were so fortunate to find Kim—working with him was a wonderful experience and our house is a dream.  We had such a blast with him,  He’s such an open, honest and fun guy—we’d look forward to our meetings.  He spent so much time being very involved throughout the whole project. Kim is like a designer and architect rolled into one. He offered lots of good advice and opinions. He treated our house like it was his own—he had a sense of pride in the project and would tell us if there was something he wouldn’t do. There were so many things he helped us improve, from windows to door placements to the custom fire place mantel.”

“The other thing about Kim is he was very up front about all costs, there were no mysteries or surprises working with him and he lived up to his word finishing the house when he promised. We got a good deal—he did a great job of helping us balance quality and cost. We are so absolutely happy with our finished house, we love showing it off. And Kim stays with you. Any small problems that have come up, Kim takes care of. We are so happy with the house and the whole experience of working with Kim, we feel like we’ve become a walking billboard for him.”

Jay BergevinKim was hired by Jay Bergevin, an experience commercial real
estate developer who had an unusual project that is part rare car garage/party space/family room/man cave built close to his
family home.

“Kim’s integrity, honesty, consistency and follow through are unsurpassed. I’ve been in the business 30 years myself and pride myself in being a good problem solver but Kim was able to solve issues in ways I couldn’t imagine. We had a lot of challenges with my project that the architect couldn’t get down, but Kim’s creative brain immediately brought to the table how to fix a number of problems.”

“What sets Kim apart from the pack is his long term knowledge of the industry and the use of the highest quality contractors who respect him for his integrity and absolute honesty. His bidding and invoicing is as transparent and efficient as I’ve seen in the industry. He is also very efficient with client’s budgets.”

“His word is his bond. When he gives you a date he gets it done when he says. He is a great partner in identifying value. Even working on a high-end project can help you save money and the total value of the final project. He provides unsurpassed quality, experience and maturity.”

“It is also totally fun working with Kim. Every day was a good day working with him. He is always positive and always has a smile and when you hire Kim, you get Kim not some assistant.”

“I’ve used a lot of contractors over the past 30 years and Kim is a real standout.  Without reservation I would enthusiastically say, you’ve got to talk him, you would be totally remiss not to talk to Kim Schademan.”